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Looking for a perfect summer getaway?

It’s fairly obvious — a Recreational Property is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Prince George life. But have you thought of the investment potential? 10 or 15 years down the road, when your family is grown up, it is quite possible that you could list your Recreational Property for sale and turn quite a tidy profit.

The following are some questions to think about when you go to your REALTOR®…


1) How old is your family?

The age of your family makes quite a difference in the type and size of property that is recommended. Do you have a younger family, with ages less than five? They will probably not be bringing friends out to the cabin for quite a long time, so you can look for a smaller cabin. If your children are above five or already in their teens, friends will definitely end up tagging along during the weekend and summer – you may as well plan for it now.

2) Are you planning to live at the property year-round?

A cabin by the lake that is only used during the warmer temperatures is an altogether different beast than one you can live in year round. Even if you plan to keep your existing home, but hope to stay in your cabin during the winter months, it is important to ensure the cabin will meet your needs.

3) What infrastructure do you want available?

Do you need to have indoor plumbing, or will an outhouse be suitable? What kind of kitchen appliances are required? Do you have a boat and need a dock and boathouse? What kind of parking spaces are needed?