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Selling A Home

Expert Advice 

Selling your home can be a very simple process, even enjoyable!

Providing you take a simple, logical approach…

Your REALTOR® will assist you in selling your home and assessing the market, as it affects homes like yours. You will compare your home to others that are currently on the market as well as those similar to yours that have sold recently. This will help you determine the best price your REALTOR® will be able to advertise your home for sale. Your REALTOR® will explain and implement an effective marketing plan that will include your schedule while encouraging viewings by “qualified buyers”… you say don’t have a REALTOR® to work with?


How do you find the most suitable REALTOR® to market your home?


The first step is to find a REALTOR® that suits your needs.


Selecting a REALTOR® to market your home for sale is important to your success. You can visit an office and talk to who is available, search internet and newspaper advertising, visit open houses or interview a REALTOR® that someone you know and trust has referred you to.

Your REALTOR® will prepare a marketing plan for you that will highlight the features, benefits and the competitive market price of your home to as many qualified buyers in a short time as possible. You can have an extra pair of eyes, giving you a view of how the serious buyers will view your home… and what to do accentuate the best parts of your home.

Any offers will be presented to you as they are delivered to your REALTOR®. Together you will negotiate to a successful sale.